Sweet Tooth Cutie Quilt and Re-Imagining my Sewing Space.

Cutie Quilts Sewing Room

Recently, I took the plunge and started re-arranging, re-organizing, and re-vamping my sewing room.  We've finished rebuilding most of the house after the tree crushed it in September 2019 (darn you, expensive lumber!)  We're mostly moved back in, mostly unpacked, and mostly decorated.  I've put off the sewing room until after the rest of the living areas were finished.  The time has come.  My room is now in the "There appears to have been a struggle" stage, but already I love it.

The changes thus far:
  • We moved my  Handi Quilter Forte longarm machine (the largest item in the room) in front of the front windows and my room looks totally different already. 
  • My husband installed the High Rise electric lift so I can easily change the height of the machine when I need to sit and quilt due to an autoimmune flareup.  Like now. 
  • He installed three My Secret Drawers which are AMAZING!  I have them about 10% full.  They are SO BIG!!!
  • He installed the High Lightsama over my machine so I can actually see what I am doing.
  • I have a saddle stool in front of my machine so I can sit and wheel myself along the length of the machine. I am only able to stand for a few minutes at a time during this flare up, so a chair on wheels is my friend!

I christened my new machine set up by quilting a Sweet Tooth Cutie Quilt.  I used scrap fabrics for the fat eighths and set them on gray background.  The green border and a green backing (from my Clearance Rack) finished this quilt beautifully.  I think this quilt will live out its life with a graduating high school student.

Sweet Tooth is probably the quilt I have made the most times.  I wouldn't be surprised if I've made over 30 quilts from this pattern.  40 isn't out of the question either.  I love piecing long strips into blocks and I love to quilt the quilt with Ribbon Candy, also known as "the world's most perfect machine quilting design," but that's just my humble opinion.

I finished this quilt off with a simple swirl in the border.  When I say "simple" I mean that I used the same gray thread as I used in the rest of the quilt so that I didn't have to cut threads unless the bobbin ran out.  

Making this quilt was a balm for my soul.  And I I hope it will bring peace to a young man away from home at university this fall.

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  • Patricia Hale on

    May I ask the brand and model of your saddle stool? (I also have an autoimmune joint disease that flares making it difficult to stand at my longarm ). Thanks!!

  • Brenda Strauss on

    Love ribbon candy design. Have several pieces of the glassware but never thought to use pattern for quilting. Thanks for the inspiration.

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