Feather Along -- Lesson 3

This year's Free Feather Along continues!

Lesson Three is about how to form Flexible Feathers.

I have a great online Machine Quilted Feathers class and it's on SALE through the end of May 2023.  Students are raving about this class!  If you take this class, work through each lesson, and make all of the Practice With A Purpose Patterns you WILL progress in your feather journey.  If you aren't  ready to jump into the class or if you've already taken the class and want to talk feathers with me in real time, follow this Feather Along!

In the online class, you'll get the pattern for this bench pillow.  I never knew I needed a bench pillow until I made a bench pillow!  At least one student turned her bench pillow top into a table runner.  Either way, this is a great practice piece that will give you experience in placing Flexible Feathers in a border or strip.

Watch the teaching video on YouTube HERE.

Buy the Machine Quilted Feathers class HERE.

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