Easter Stitching

I'm not much for decorating, but being on (semi) medical leave in the time leading up to Easter has me in the mood for some quick and easy Easter stitching.

I found this tutorial on YouTube

I grabbed an orange Cutie Pack and started following the tutorial.

When it came to turning the carrots inside out, though, I have an easier way.  I use Sue O'Very's Point and Turner Tool.

I put the female end inside the carrot and leave the pointy end outside.

Then I squeeze the tool together, making sure the pointy end inside the wide end, trapping the carrot fabric.

Then pull the carrot right side out by sliding it to the other side of the tool.

The pointy end is inside the carrot, making a beautiful point!

I then follow the tutorial, but use my Purple Thang to push the stuffing into the point.

Click over to Instagram to see my video tutorial for making the bunnies from the Strawberry Thief PDF pattern.

Since I've been resting, I've been playing on my phone and finding all sorts of quick sewing tutorials.  I'll share more as I find them!

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  • Carol Smith on

    Do we have a bunny to go with the carrots? Just kidding, thanks for thinking of us and sharing your finds! Miss you a lot, but know you are doing the best for everyone. Please know that we care, and are proud of you for your positive attitude.

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