It's been sew long...

... since I've been sewing.  I am focusing on my health right now (avoiding pain and regaining strength to stand/walk regularly again) and I've had no energy to sew.  Meds make me tired.  Physical Therapy makes me tired.  And by the time I have time to sew (health comes first), I have no energy left.

This is temporary, thankfully, and IT'S WORKING!  I'm getting stronger and able to stand/walk for longer every day.  Sew thankful!

Tonight I decided to take the bull by the horns, or the stag by the antlers.  I dove into my scrap pile, downloaded this fun, free elephant stuffed animal pattern, and got to work.

This elephant finished at about 7"x9".  There is a smaller elephant I may try, too, but those curves are gonna be SUPER TIGHT.

The fabric is some leftover Stag & Thistle fabric (hence the stag reference above).  I have no idea where this elephant will find a permanent home, but I'm relieved to say "I sewed something!"


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  • Diana Barnes on

    Praying for you to feel better. Take time for yourself and heal. That elephant is adorable.

  • Angie in SoCal on

    I continue to pray for you, Debby. You are a wonder and an inspiration to us all.
    Such a cute little elephant. Blessings,

  • Janet Myers on

    So glad that you are feeling better. Continued healing thoughts coming your way.

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