Instant Heirloom

My mom hand-embroidered quilt blocks for each of her grandchildren and now that I'm no longer traveling for work and my house is (mostly) rebuilt*, I have time to turn those blocks into keepsakes for my niece, nephews, and children.

The first quilt I made was rainbow stars:

I sewed the blocks together in diagonal stripes of colors in rainbow order.  The orange and yellow sang to me the entire time I quilted it!

Using the same feathers I teach in my Quilting Essentials: Machine Quilted Feathers online course. I added feathers in the large blocks formed by the block intersections and also in the small blocks formed by the side triangles.  I chose to quilt ribbon candy (an obvious choice) around the center stars.  I teach ribbon candy quilting in my Quilting Essentials: First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting online course.

Connecting Threads has gorgeous wide backings, so I ordered enough for all of the quilts.  (Hint: wide backs are on sale HERE at the time of writing).  

My nephew's wife likes neutral grays, but this quilt died with a neutral binding.  Red set it off nicely and this one is ready to be delivered post-COVID.  

Stay tuned for the rest of the quilts!

*My house was destroyed by a falling tree in Sept 2019.  It was still being rebuilt when COVID hit, so it's dragging on (and on, and on, and on).  Someday, we'll be able to buy lumber again and rebuild the deathtrap deck.  See some pictures of the damage HERE.

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