A Whole New World

In the United States, the world is started to open up again.  My doctor, too, has given me clearance to dip my toe in the shallow end of the "leave the house" pool.  It's so exciting!!!

Due to circumstances beyond my control (medications that cause weight gain) and circumstances somewhat within my control (pandemic comfort food), I need new clothes if I'm going to leave the house.  I was shopping online for some clothes when I remembered, "Hey, I know how to sew!"

Sew.... I made a new dress!

I field tested it at church on Sunday, and it was super comfy!

So here are the details:

Downloadable Pattern by  Whimsy Couture Ladies Peasant Top/Dress Sewing Pattern

Fabric:  Orleans by Jan Shore

Fitting:  Due to my unusual body shape (thanks, steroids), I had to alter the dress to fit me specifically.  Even if you have a more typical body shape, it's always best to take careful measurements and test the fit.  I don't (yet) have a dress form, so I had to keep trying on my dress and act as my own dress form.

I basted the sleeves and dress together to test for overall fit.  I was pleased that it fit, but it wasn't flattering IN THE LEAST! (cough*hospital gown*cough).  I was pleased with the longer sleeves (I despise the short-short sleeves on women's tops) but may make them even longer on my next dress.  

I decided to stitch on a contrasting casing for a high elastic waist.  I love the look of Regency Era bodices, but they are too high for comfort with modern underpinnings.  

This dress was headed in the right direction.  I didn't necessarily want a prairie-core dress, but I love the swishy princess vibe of a longer, fuller skirt so I shortened the dress and added a ruffle.

After a final pressing, this dress was finished!

This dress "accidentally" matched a favorite pair of sandals.

I wrote down all of the measurements and changes I made to the pattern so that I can make it again.  And I will soon make it again!

How long has it been since you've sewn a garment?  If you need a (re-) starter pattern, this was was VERY EASY with excellent directions!

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  • Mary Nielsen on

    hurray for “Made for ME!” I’ve had fabric and a pattern to make a shirt for exactly 21 months … it’s getting close to the top of the “to do” list.

  • Alleta Baltes on

    Such a cute dress! Looks great. Awesome how well it fits & very flattering.

  • Helen Rathburn on

    Like you (but not as good) I no longer make clothes for myself (so much measuring, fitting, etc) However I happened to touch a bolt of fabric that was stretchy and felt like velvet. It was a very casual fabric so I bought enough to make a top. The next time I went into the same shop, I found two different bolts of the same stuff. Now I have a dress and two tops. I’m going to try to stop now and get back to quilting.

  • Julie on

    Aww, you look so cute in your dress with your coordinated shoes & purse, you can’t go wrong with a yellow and blue combination. Nice vignettes on the evolution of your garment as you tested the fit & style. Looking cool as a cucumber despite the heat wave.

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