Feather Along with me in 2023!

Make your New Year Resolution to learn to machine quilt feathers on your home or longarm machine.  You deserve to quilt to feathers of your dreams!

Quilting Essentials: Machine Quilted Feathers online course is a comprehensive master class on how to form different styles of feathers and stitch them on practice projects.  This class has 10 lessons, 9 projects, 8 patterns, and more than 3 hours of video content that you can watch over and over again.

To support you in your New Year Resolution, I will be hosting a weekly Facebook Live video in Debby Brown's Machine Quilting Studio Facebook Group each Wednesday Night at 7pm (NY time).  I will have additional content to support the class material and be available to answer your questions as you quilt along with me.

If you haven't purchased the class yet, do so now and enjoy a $25 Black Friday discount through November 30, 2022.

If you have already worked through the class, join in and be inspired to quilt all over again!


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  • Brenda Strauss on

    Are these live classes or video? If live what day and time will they be?

  • Vickie Nelson on

    I’m assuming that the “more than 3 hour video content” is available on your website that can be watched at anytime by someone that has purchased the course. Is that correct?

  • Anna Shetler on

    Can someone who has not done this (is truly a beginner) do this course?

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