Feather Along -- Lesson One

At the end of 2022, I had the great idea of running through my Quilting Essentials -- Machine Quilted Feathers class on Facebook and YouTube before releasing a Machine Quilted Feathers, vol. 2 class.  I made it through one and a half lessons before COVID/pneumonia put me out of commission for four months.

I am sew happy to report that I'm completely recovered from the "Winter That Shall Not Be Named," have no permanent lung damage, and am excited to get back to work!  Thank you all for your patience while I went radio silent to have a completely stress-free recovery.

Before we re-start the re-boot of Machine Quilted Feathers, I want to remind you to check out the quilt and video from Lesson One.

I practiced stitching feathers on A La Mode, a Cutie Pattern I designed.  It uses (16) fat eighths and is a great size for gifting!

I stitched feathers only in the background and used a seam as the spine. I stitched feathers to the left in one block and to the right in the next block.  I used Quilter's Dream Wool Batting to make the quilting POP!

Watch the teaching video on YouTube HERE.

Buy the Machine Quilted Feathers class HERE.

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